Kaufman's Metal Art

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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find the photos and information to be interesting and informative. All of the creative and beautiful artwork you will see on this website is created from mild steel. Our art is handcrafted; nothing is computer generated. All pieces are drawn and cut by hand and colored with heat and natural processes (no paint). This makes each piece a truly unique collector's item.

We enjoy fishing, both saltwater and freshwater, and in our metal work we specialize in fish replicas. On this website you will see photos of the marlin, tuna, striped bass, flounder, spadefish, smallmouth bass, muskie and other species we have handcrafted from mild steel.

In addition to fish, we also hand draw, hand cut and heat color  horses, dogs, coyotes, roosters, blue herons, deer, bobcats and other wildlife. Our artwork is custom made to order.



We are Bruce Kaufman and Cody Kaufman; Bruce is a talented artist and Cody is an experienced welder and metal worker.